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Our premier supplier of data acquisition systems is DSPCon with their Piranha III family. We also supply a complete line of digital recording system for a wide variety of real-time applications, obsoleting the need for analog tapes.

We focus on the high-end of the test and measurement market, primarily in rotating machinery and shock and vibration applications for jet engines and satellites. Through our Principals, ESI makes available technology experts, products, and systems integration services.

DSPCon’s Piranha III VME is designed specifically for large-channel-count data acquisition systems. The system components are housed in a VME chassis and are controlled with either a Rackmount or a Desktop PC.

Piranha III PC is designed specifically for medium-channel-count data acquisition systems, and can be housed in either a Rackmount or a Desktop PC. It’s designed to provide full functionality in a compact configuration.

The Piranha III Fibre Channel network backbone provides a very high level of performance when scaled to any size.

Piranha III Software works seamlessly with the Piranha III family of products, and, like all Piranha III products, it's based on Open Standards and uses a COTS approach to design. Piranha III's broad array of software packages are used for configuration, calibration, test definition and execution, data extraction, on-line and post-processing, and data archiving.

Analysis software systems are available in discrete packages known as "bundles" that are grouped by technical area to satisfy the requirements of a variety of disciplines, including Shock and Vibration, Acoustic, Rotating Machinery, and General Spectral Analysis.

Digital Recorders: Advanced, Adaptable Real-Time Recording and Playback
Recorders and data loggers from our Principals overcome bottlenecks common to tape and RAID solutions and provide added security by supporting direct hardware-to-hardware recording and playback with IDE disk drives. Our suppliers use a wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data acquisition and output hardware to produce the right instrument for your high-performance application. Disk drives offer high reliability, scalability and are the choice for today's most demanding applications. Onboard Real-Time OS and deep memory buffer - for standalone or embedded applications provide an advanced, adaptable platform to deal with data formatting, filtering, sampling and more.

Test & Measurement Customers
  General Dynamics
Electric Boat
  Pratt & Whitney  
  Rolls Royce  
  General Electric Aircraft Engines  
  Naval Underwater Warfare Center  

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DSPCon Piranha III Systems
Piranha III™ High-frequency, High-channel-count Digital, Dynamic Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analysis System