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Digital Recording
Signal Intelligence Supplier
Signal Intelligence Applications

ESI has a variety of standards-based hardware and software COTS products for the SIGINT market. Since our core focus has always been data acquisition and digital signal processing, we tend to have relationships with “early adopter,” leading edge, engineering firms who are suppliers of innovative products which utilize DSPs, FPGAs and “fast” commercial processors such as the PowerPC and Xeon family.

As in many of the other markets that we serve we deliver a range of hardware and software products ranging from COTS boards and IP cores, through complete turnkey SIGINT system solutions.

Below is a partial list of customer applications:

  • Beam Forming
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Wide and Narrowband Spectrum Analysis
  • Communications Intercept, Analysis and Digital Recording
  • Spectral Monitoring with Multi-channel Direction Finding
SIGINT Customers
  BAE Systems  
  Department of Defense  
  General Dynamics  
  Pratt & Whitney