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Our staff has been working with MIT Lincoln Laboratory since 1978 as a consultant and supplier of real-time computing products for radar. We specialize in COTS products for I/O, digital signal processing, parallel and cluster computing, real-time display, high-speed networks, real-time recording, and data archiving. We understand the nuances of designing architectures that deliver cutting edge real-time performance for “bleeding edge” mission critical radar systems in today’s COTS, spiral development, cost sensitive environment.

Through our Principals, ESI makes available technology experts, products and systems integration services. Our primary focus in the radar market is to supply boards, “black boxes”, sub-level systems, and FPGA programming and real-time software development services to prime contractors which augment their in-house staff’s capabilities to build turnkey COTS radar systems for their military and commercial customers. ESI has also worked with all of the major prime contractors in the radar business that use the technology developed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory to build production radars. These include Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, ITT, and Northrop Grumman.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory was one of the early adopters of a COTS philosophy. The Radar Open Systems Architecture (ROSA) initiative funded by the U.S. Army Strategic and Missile Defense Command and U.S. Air Force was developed by MIT LL and is deployed at a number of sites including the Kwajalein Missile Range and Millstone Hill radar facility. This highly successful program paved the way for the adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) for radar systems by adopting a specification that stated all components in an “open system” must be fully defined, available to the public, and maintained by a group consensus. In addition an open systems approach was defined as an integrated technical and business strategy that incorporated modular hardware and software and was built from purchased rather than custom built components. Two of ESI’s Principals, Pentek and DRS Tactical Systems (formerly Catalina Research), were selected as ROSA suppliers. We subsequently based our business strategy around helping customers design systems using COTS only suppliers. COTS offers lower prices, easy upgradeability (technology refresh) and modularity. Today, the advantages of COTS are widely known.

Many of our suppliers are small businesses whose engineering staffs possess high-level security clearances. This enables them to work on classified projects. They conduct their business with an entrepreneurial attitude free from much of the bureaucracy of larger companies. This gives them the ability to make critical design trade offs fast, control costs, and deliver products on time or ahead of schedule. All of our suppliers are U.S.-based. Several are capable of sourcing foreign manufactured components and dealing with ITARS issues.

We also have relationships with 8A organizations for supplying commodity embedded computing products through Hamilton Avnet. Our customers find this additional ESI capability an asset for meeting their small business and minority procurement objectives.

Radar Customers
  MIT Lincoln Labs  
  Lockheed Martin  
  Northrop Grumman