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Digital Recording Applications

Digital Recorders: Advanced, Adaptable Real-Time Recording and Playback

Technical innovations in digital data recording technology are outpacing Moore's law. Engineers and scientists benefit by being able to record raw data faster and keep terabyte databases available at their fingertips for a fraction of the cost of even 12 months ago with several new products recently introduced by our Principals.

Consumer and commercial applications from iPODs and digital cameras to on-demand full length movies are exponentially driving the cost of digital recording technology down and speed and recording capacity up. Engineering companies specializing in COTS products are adapting these new capabilities for military and scientific applications such as radar data acquisition, software radio, voice and image recording for homeland security, signal intelligence, engine and satellite testing, and astronomy.

Recorders and data loggers from our Principals overcome bottlenecks common to tape and proprietary recording solutions. Our suppliers use a wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data acquisition and output hardware to produce the right solution for your high-performance real-time application. Disk drives offer high reliability, scalability and are the choice for today's most demanding applications. Onboard Real-Time OS and deep memory buffer - for standalone or embedded applications provide an advanced, adaptable platform to deal with data formatting, filtering, sampling, playback and more.

Digital Recording Customers
  MIT Lincoln Labs  
  Pratt & Whitney  
  Lockheed Martin