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ESI services both the military and commercial communications sectors. Our customers are involved in applications ranging from upgrading the New York City fire departments 911 system to supplying secure battlefield network communications utilizing voice over IP (VoIP) to the US army. Other customers utilize software radio technology for homeland security purposes and to implement radio communications “routers” flying onboard UAVs. Our commercial customers cover a wide range of applications including air traffic control, media gateways, and inexpensive conferencing solutions.

The common features among the products we supply for this market is COTS hardware based on industry standards like VME, PCI, PMC, and compactPCI that utilize DSPs and FPGAs to speed up real-time performance.

Our suppliers have a record of technology innovations that have advanced the growth of the military and commercial communications industries. These achievements include the industry’s first:

  • COTS digital receiver board
  • Complete and open IP/PSTN media server
  • Hybrid DSP and FPGA augmented processor cards
  • Mobile services delivery system
  • Commercial ringback technology
  • Voice quality software for mobile communications
  • Backhaul traffic optimizer designed specifically to support all types of wireless traffic help operators reduce the operating expenses of the radio access network (RAN)
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  BAE Systems  
  General Dynamics C4 Systems  

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